leg gamesso-hip:

leg games

"alyssa", tyler schoeber, 2014

tye dye high

camping with some friends in upstate new york

got into all my colleges as of today
for my college portfolio titled “betrayal” 

i am camping and turns out my camera can connect to my iphone this is so cool

"polluted", tyler schoeber, 2014

"no sleep", tyler schoeber, 2014

for those of you who don’t know, this is The Goddess Of Bloody Corners, she and her sister are gods of the ‘fight’ and ‘flight’ reflexes.
she’s the goddess of all the fights that you shouldn’t, in a universe that even remotely makes sense, be able to win or live through. she comes to beings who are facing the killing blow from their attacker and gives them that little push to get up on their shaky legs, lift their weak trembling arms and try to rip the heart out of whoever DARE had the NERVE are yOU SERIOUS FUCK YOU YOU’RE GOING DOWN WITH ME.
and if you don’t win the fight whatever is after you will at least think fucking twice 5ever because why and how and NO.
one of her legs is constantly covered in fresh wounds but she feels no pain. the leg is barely usable so she walks with a very pronounced limp. she carries no weapons, has no official followers, speaks very softly, wears very little, and looks like a really easy target for both mortal and divine predators of all types. her familiar is a slightly bleeding wolf skin who’s face is always twisted in a manic grin, like something about it’s current situation is hilarious or it’s in on some grand joke.
when forced or challenged she will fight.  the wolf skin spends this time laughing hysterically.
when the fight is over it gets to have the remains of whoever just made some bad life choices and any spare spilled blood is used as hair dye.

Bart-Jan Mulder | New Face @ Success Models